Saturday, December 26, 2009

i always get it better right afterwards when all the wrong impressions are said and heard.

it was so nice seeing rachel and douglas :]

i think i had the best christmas i have had in a really long time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

They're seven days below us That keep me hovered above the ground And nights just blend into the morning Definition is the first to go down

I think I may be getting sick..OH NO.

I figured out what shoes I was for Christmas..those EasyTones ones, I wonder if they really work. Also work out clothes. I need to hit the gym big time.

I went to the doctor yesterday morning. He said I have Pityriasis Rosea when I thought it was ringworm all along (I WAS ESTATIC WHEN HE SAID IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS, I WAS SO WORRIED). Anyway, there is no cure for it but he said to take Zyrtec for the itchiness and UV rays to..I don't know exactly what now. Help with the itching too..I forget what he said. I've read acticles online and a lot of people with this virus have used the tanning beds to help with it and they just about all say it helped so much within the first week. I've never been to a tanning bed and I went for the first time yesterday. She put me in there for 5 minutes since I am very fair skin and it was my first time. It was so relaxing! I am ready to go back! I am one of the few people with this virus that have extreme itchiness and he said it usually never comes back but it can in some cases..with my luck I am hoping it doesn't. It's so ugly..

Anyway..I bought Alex's Christmas gift, he will be SO happy. Probably the best gift I have ever gotten him. 20 more days until then!

Alex got me a Chi flat iron and Mario on the Wii for our three year anniversary :] VERY awesome gifts!

My stomach ulcers are back to the point of having to vomit after I eat.