Friday, October 30, 2009

So I was the lycky one Reading letters, not writing them Taking pictures of anyone I know

well well well..
i got into an accident.
i was riding home on my moped tuesday night from work and it had rained earlier that day so the roads were very slick. i was just less than a mile down the road when i was about to turn right on the road for a shortcut home. i guess i didn't slow down fast enough or maybe i didn't break soon enough or turned too soon or whatever but as i turned to the right my scooter flew right from under me. all i remember was seeing my hands out in front of me and rolling across the road. when i came to i was near the sidewalk i think. i looked around me and as soon as i stood up i screamed from the pain coming from my right knee. i hobbled to the sidewalk and looked at my bike in the other lane. i took off my helmet and limped over to my bike to try and pull it over to the sidewalk but i couldn't even move it an inch. finally a guy was pulling out onto the road and saw me and ran over to me asking if i was okay as another guy stopped behind my scooter and came out and asked the same question. they helped me back onto the sidewalk and put my scooter up there as well. turns out one of the guys was an off duty police officer so he was calming me down and started looking at my cuts and noticed everything right away so fast. the other guy asked if i needed anything and ran over to burger king to get me a bag of ice for my knee. while he was doing that the other guy was trying to call help or an ambulance for me, all i did was tell him no please don't i can't afford that i have no insurance, i told him my friend was on his way and he's a nurse. i got ahold of jose before i did alex. jose got me home and wrapped and cleaned up my cuts. i scraped my right foot, my right knee has a good size gash in it and very swollen, my left knee scraped and swollen and both my elbows cut and bruised.
i got out really lucky.
i finally did go to the ER because my little sister was freaking me out with "oh what if something is really messed up and it heals wrong and you'll never be the same" she took me there and i feel like none of the doctors even helped me. i got in right away (thanks mom LOL) and they said i would need stitches. when the doctor got there and i told him it happened the night before he said it was to late for stitches. he bent my knee and hurt me doing so. i got wheeled into the xray room and the radiologist had to bend my knee even further so that sucked again. the doctor said i need a tetanus shot, never got that. he told me to follow up with my regular doctor within the next few days so i called dr. morse yesterday and when his nurse called me back she said he can see me next week?
well now i think it's infected and i want antibiotics.
my mom is coming to take a look at it tomorrow so she will take me there if needed.

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