Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do I have nothing good left to say? Do I need whiskey to start fueling my complaints? People love to drink their troubles away.

i went to see sherlock holmes with alex and shayna monday night. it was AMAZING, so much better than what i expected it to be!
we were sitting there through the movie so into it until not ten minutes left of the film and it shuts off. everyone was looking around asking what's going on put the movie back! my heart was going on the edge of my seat and it ruined the moment! it took them a while to get it back on and it skipped a couple scenes. we all got our money back plus a free ticket. so that's nice! everyone is talking about how amazing avatar is, but it doesn't really seem interesting to me. alex wants to see it so maybe i will just go with him with my free ticket.

my aunt joan and uncle jimmy are down from GA this weekend. i am going over to my moms tomorrow night to see them and hopefully going to my uncle donalds for lunch saturday with everyone.

i love getting on yahoo and finding new tips for healthy eating and exercise, ect.

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