Thursday, January 28, 2010

I never expected you to love me The way i loved you To have you near Was all I wanted Just to have you near

I am completely frustrated with the fact that my insurance I’ve been waiting for will not cover my preexisting conditions. Fuck me right?
I have to cancel my appointment AGAIN with Dr. V and live with the fact that I will be forever doomed.
I feel like dropping my long awaited insurance.

I wonder if I can go through anything else other than my works insurance to cover my preexisting conditions? Who knows? I feel like giving up. It’s exhausting being the only one on my side.

I’m sick and tired of coming to work knowing that $2 coming out of my pay check every day is going to nothing at all for me because there is nothing here to eat except veggie burgers. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than grateful to have veggie burgers brought in for myself...but after five or six months or so of eating them every single day, I am quite sick of them. Everyone else here gets to eat a different meal on the Chefs Special because they all eat meat. I feel like I’m being punished and singled out because I have a medical condition that I honestly can not eat meat or else it makes it so much more difficult for me. Yeah so what there are salads here to eat…not for me! I eat A LOT and a puny little salad isn’t going to fill me up. I don’t want to sound picky or snobby or whiney, but COME ON. All I am asking is you know throw in some pasta without meat sauce for once or something. This place is sucking the life-force out of me.

No one understands.

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